Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sleep & Get Rich!

To write my first book, Boss of Me!, I had the privilege of hanging out with many successful people and hours were spent chatting as I delved into their psyche to find out what makes them tick. I realized that great entrepreneurs have a three-step formula that's present across the board. And, I am going to share my privileged knowledge with you.

Formula 1: Only the best will do. They identify what really works in business by learning from the best experts in the world. They do their research thoroughly and avoid the self-serving-hype that's marketed as "the next great solution".

Formula 2: Learn very well. They systematically study and retain what they're taught. You won’t find them skimming material, breezing through books and yawning at seminars. Like scientists, they absorb, ponder, analyze and review the material over and over again.

Formula 3: Application is key. They develop tunnel vision and focus on their objective. They go and do the work…and pay the price. They take the risks and understand that no matter how much knowledge they have, only action will help them achieve their goals.

That is why for my second book, Sleep & Get Rich!, I tracked down 10 top passive income earners to play mentor and help readers eager to emulate their incredible success. Passive income stands for money that is generated automatically and regularly, from a source or multiple sources other than your 9-to-5 job and money-making gurus extol it as the best way to get rich.

Case in point: a large part of renowned wealth guru, Robert Kiyosaki's teachings focus on generating passive income by means of investment opportunities, such as real estate and small businesses, with the ultimate goal of being able to support oneself by such investments alone. Building wealth through passive income is exciting because it does not require you to change careers or work two jobs. It keeps more cash in your pocket and releases you from job dependency, making you truly financially free.

Most people have no idea what they can do for passive income. This book sheds light on the Top 10 passive income jobs and the people who have done so successfully. These gurus will provide a step-by-step guide on how you too can implement passive income into your life as well as share their challenges and million-making ideas. Learn how you can get paid multiple times for the same work – for example, write a book or license an innovative idea and collect royalties for years; become a multi-level marketer and get a piece of every sale made by others in the organisation. The dollars will literally roll in while you sleep!

Sleep & Get Rich! will contain information so well explained that many who read this book will find it hard to resist implementing one, if not several, of this book’s recommended income strategies. It will provide readers with role models that they can “model” themselves after and their real-life examples will definitely inspire readers.

It sure did for me! Already a passive income earner? Email me and maybe we can share tips :)

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