Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to sell books by the truckloads

I agree with Mark Bennett, the self-published author who sold five million books to companies, that selling books in mass quantities is the way to go. Distributing to the book stores and waiting for individuals to buy your books is pittance. The big moolah is to go direct to companies.

I have taken the first step by offering to be a contributor to the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises’ (ASME) e-newsletter which goes out to 14,000 company eyeballs.
Some ideas:
1. Give Boss of Me! as incentive for motivational seminars.
2. Use Boss of Me! as case studies for business schools.
3. Use Boss of Me! to inspire employees at insurance, real estate and network marketing companies.
4. Give Boss of Me! to inspire incubatees of venture capitalist companies.

Now, how do I get 20 companies to each buy 50,000 copies of Boss of Me!?


auntielucia said...

Maybe u shld consider getting more tips fm the Dan Poynter 2 day 'Write & Grow Rich' workshop on Aug 30/31? Held at Singapore Polytechnic.

Who is Dan Poynter? Dan is the Multi-Millionaire Publisher who has published more than 120 books.
More importantly, he has helped thousands of people achieved their dreams of publishing their own books.

Dan will be revealing all the 'Insider Secrets' in publishing a book.

Or u can pick up tips there n package yr own seminar?

Boss Of Me! said...

hi auntielucia,

great! thanks for the tip. i've listened to his web seminar before and he's good. will definitely check it out :)

Words of Life said...

Please check out my email sent you today.

Patrick Ang

Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Patrick,

I have checked my email but don't see anything from you. Pls resend -