Thursday, January 29, 2009

What would you do if you had all the money you wanted?

Ask yourself this question, "If I were God, how would I craft my life to be perfect?"

What would you do after you've made your millions, travelled around the globe going to all the exotic places you've dreamt about and done everything that you've desired?

My answer: Keep on writing about inspiring people and continue to teach Pilates. Hmmm...not sure if this is good or am I just boring? Maybe that's why I am happy :)

Take this challenge...It takes time and effort to imagine and ponder what it is in your life that you love to do the most, but in my opinion, this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself!

Monday, January 26, 2009

No better time for Internet marketing

Just saw on CNN that over 70,000 job cuts have been announced in less than 24 hours worldwide. Right now we are entering the most financially uncertain period in modern history. The current global economic meltdown and impending world financial crisis is probably the single biggest threat to your financial future (I say impending because I truly believe the crisis hasn't even fully hit yet!).

Think of the fear, the uncertainty, the anger and the humble realization these people are now coming to grips with...

Is it time to batten down the hatches, pull up the drawbridge, barricade the doors, shutter the windows and hide under the bed until it all blows over??

Far from it! You're going to want to face 2009 head on and throw everything you've GOT at it!

Because here's the thing: Internet shopping is predicted to hit $145.1 Billion in the coming year, a significant 14% increase - despite the recession!

Consumers will be spending more time at home, using their computers for everything from bargain hunting and product research to upgrading skills. And studies show this shift is ALREADY well underway...!


You need a powerful and proven "Plan B".

You need a skill that will be one of the most sought-after and needed, even during hard times and that pays you handsomely.

You need a skill which allows YOU to control your own income, that only depends on your own efforts, without being reliant on anyone else.

Here's why an Internet marketing business is great:

* You can start with very little investment, literally a few hundred dollars

* It's a completely portable business, you can work in your home, or anywhere you want to as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection

* You don't need any employees

* You have no fixed costs

* You can work as much or as little as you choose

* It is incredibly scalable

* You don't need any technical skills (you don't need to learn FTP, web design, CGI installation, etc), everything you need to know is very simple and easy to do, and ANYONE can learn it

* Anyone can do it, male or female, any age (15 or 85), with previous success or not, it doesn't matter where you live

Now, imagine this:

- Being financially free

- Having all the money you want

- Knowing how to make money any time you want aka Money-On-Demand

- Not having to go to work again – imagine your boss' face when you tell him that you QUIT

- Being able to buy anything you want and not care what the price tag says

- Go wherever you want for a holiday, whenever you want

- Being able to spend thousands of dollars to help charities

- Having all the free time you want

- Getting richer and richer every day

This is the reason why I am not worried at all despite the doom and gloom. In fact, I am a little gleeful that this is happening (ok, don't give me flak for this...) as more people will be desperate and looking for alternative sources of income - and here is where I come in to offer my solutions in Asia's Dragons (out end Feb!).

After all, success sometimes comes from being in the right place at the right time, isn't it?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

10 books that changed my life

1. The 4-Hour Workweek - The book that made it all happen. Thanks Tim!

2. The Magic Of Thinking Big - Let's just say that Tim based his "research" on this classic.

3. The Power Of Your Subconscious - Now, I don't need an alarm clock if I have to wake up early...amongst other things.

4. The Success Principles - A great pick-me-up. We all need a reminder and a nudge every now and then.

5. The Go-giver - A poignant little fable.

6. Click Here To Order - Learn all about the beginnings of Internet marketing and its pioneers.

7. Daily Reflections - This keeps me grounded which is essential to have a happy existence.

8. Secrets Of The Millionaire Inside - Hard-hitting...don't read this if you are an employee.

9. How I Made My First Million On The Internet - Local boy, Ewen Chia, made good...very good! The best part: I have the autographed version!

10. The Secret - Detractors aside, this book "woke" me up and I've been using its principle to manifest my dream life for the last 3 years.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My sister, my inspiration!

Everyone need an inspiration - and it doesn't have to someone famous or a billionaire...

My younger sister is my inspiration. She was the one who handed me The 4-Hour Workweek which spurred me to write my first book, Boss of Me! If not for her, I would still be spending my time teaching private Pilates classes and writing freelance...which was a very good lifestyle but nothing as exciting as what I am doing now!

My second book, Sleep & Get Rich! was also triggered by her. At that time, she was taking an Internet marketing course and regaled me with stories about people making amazing passive income with their online businesses.

She was also the one who asked me to write a weight-loss book for post-pregnancy women. We worked on The Essential Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Guide ( and subsequently created our own source of passive income.

And, when I had the idea to write a book about Internet marketing gurus in Asia, she fine-tuned my proposal and pointed me in the right direction.

All this while managing three successful online businesses (she was recently approached to franchise one of her business in Hong Kong!) and being the official "technical director" of our ebook.

Whenever we get together, we are constantly tossing ideas about and feeding our shared passion for Internet marketing. I always leave our sessions invigorated and hopeful.

You can follow her online progress at

Look for your own inspiration - it'll make your journey to success smoother...and way more fun!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 reasons why I love my Internet marketing business

1. There is no glass ceiling to my income and I can reach a worldwide market even though I am conducting my business sitting at home in my underwear.
2. My business runs 24/7, 7 days a week.
3. It is a low cost business with high profit margins.
4. My business is self-generating and automated, making me money while I sleep and go on holidays!
5. I am in control of my own time and income.
6. The small and close-knit industry is filled with interesting and cool people who have generated millions online and are willing to help you (if you ask them correctly)!
7. I get to sleep late and wake up at noon.
8. There is no inventory as all my products are digital.
9. I am still doing what I love, which is writing!
10. It is an underground industry and I love the confused look on people's faces when I tell them what I do!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fast-track your success with these 7 steps

Step 1 - Decide exactly what you want. This immediately moves you into a separate category of people because most people have no idea of what they really want. Clarity is the most important single quality of goal-setting and the most important single quality of success. Be specific about exactly how much more money you want to earn in a specific period of time and combine that with exactly what level of health and fitness you desire.

Step 2 - Write it down. Only three percent of adults have written goals. Most people spend more time making a list of groceries before they go shopping or planning a vacation than they do in planning their lives. One of the most important keys to success is to "think on paper." A goal that is clearly written and described on a piece of paper takes on a power of its own. It is now something concrete that you can touch and feel and work with. You begin to expect to achieve the goal and you start to attract people and circumstances into your life that are consistent with the attainment of the goal.

Step 3 - Set a deadline. If it is a large goal, set a series of sub-deadlines. A deadline acts as a "forcing system" on your subconscious mind and begins to move you toward your goal rapidly while it moves your goal toward you. Sometimes you will achieve your goal well in advance of your deadline. Sometimes goals will take much longer than you expect. But you must have a target time before you set off.

Step 4 - Make a list of everything you could possibly think of that you will have to do to achieve your goal. The more comprehensive your list, the more motivated you will become, the more intense will be your desire and the more you will believe it possible.

Step 5 - Take your list and organize it into a plan. It is a list organized by priority and importance. You decide upon the one thing that is more important than anything else that you can do immediately to begin moving more rapidly towards your goal.

Step 6 - Take action! This is the big killer for most people who are procrastinators. When it comes to taking action, they always have a reason or excuse to procrastinate to put it off until a later time. When you launch toward your goal, you will begin to feel the desire and power that goes along with goal setting.

Step 7 - Do something every day to move you toward your major goal. Never let a day go by without you engaging in some action that helps you move another step in the direction of what you really, really want in life.

This simple seven step act will change your life and your future in ways that you cannot even dream of today.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to go on more holidays

Just spoke to a friend of mine who told me that everybody he knows have tightened their purse strings and are getting ready for a tough year. And, the situation is said to get more dire after Chinese New Year as more layoffs are expected.

Well, you can either wallow in the depressing news and let it bring you down or...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Ask yourself - Do you want to be subject to retrenchments and pay cuts or are you going to take control of your own financial destiny?

I chose the latter, that's why, contrary to what most people are doing, I have actually cut back on my work, so that I can go on MORE holidays. My holiday schedule so far:

1. Shopping & sourcing trip to Hong Kong in April
2. Clubbing & eating trip to Japan in May
3. Charity trip to help Bali Dogs in August
4. Adventure trip to Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan in November

I am able to indulge myself because I have created PASSIVE INCOME. This is money that keeps on coming in, even when I am on holiday. Inspired by my interviewees in Sleep & Get Rich!, I created a weight-loss maternity ebook with my sister at, and we are doing pretty well.

All I need to do is carry out some simple online marketing to drive traffic to my website and ka-ching! Best part of it, all work can be pre-planned in advance or outsourced - enabling me to go on a holiday and return to see money in my bank! I am currently working on another ebook (see my post below on Asia's Dragons) that will provide even more passive income :)

To find out how you can create a lucrative passive income stream, check out my book, Sleep & Get Rich! (out in all major bookstores, except Borders).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The importance of goals

Everyone has goals. But some people seem to accomplish their goals far more systematically and with greater assurance than others. Why is this? The answer is simple. People who accomplish goals at a higher rate than the average are people who use a systematic, proven method of goal setting and goal attainment.

The two most important qualities of success are focus and concentration. Focus means knowing exactly what it is you want and concentration means having the discipline to concentrate single-mindedly on one thing, the most important thing, until it is complete.

If you have these qualities, and both of these qualities are learned through practice, you can accomplish virtually anything. There are no limits on your future if you can focus and concentrate every hour of every single day.

The starting point of setting goals for the coming year is for you to project forward - to the end of the next twelve months and ask yourself, "If everything happens perfectly, what will it look like?"

The one quality of men and women who become leaders in their own lives and societies, throughout all of history is the quality of vision. They have the ability to visualise. They can see the future well in advance of it becoming a reality. They can then see the steps that they will need to take to get from where they are to where they want to go.

You need to set goals that are multi-dimensional. You need to set goals for every part of your life so that you function like a well-oiled machine. You need goals for your health, for your career, for your finances, for your relationships, for your personal and professional development, for your community and for your spiritual growth. Nothing happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason. And you are the "primary creative force" in your own life. You are the reason. Things are happening in your life because you make them happen, not because you sit around and wait for them to happen.

In my next post, I'll share the 7 steps to effective goal-setting...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Asia's Dragons

I have been happily immersed in writing my 4th book, Asia's Dragons, in between festive partying the last few weeks.

Asia's Dragons is a showcase of the best online brains in Asia - ordinary people who are making extraordinary incomes online!

My amazing line-up:
1. List building – Jaz Lai,
2. Blogging – Alvin Phang,
3. Pay-Per-Click advertising – Eugene Ang,
4. Affiliate marketing – Ewen Chia,
5. eBay – Benjamin Marc Wee,
6. Niche marketing – Patric Chan,
7. Membership website – Ian Del Carmen,
8. Search Engine Optimization – Fabian Lim,

p.s. For those of you in the Internet marketing industry, you'll know that these people are the cream of the crop, veritable gurus with hundreds and thousands of "followers".

I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level, learn from them and have them as my business partners (a JV with any 1 of them can cost US$100,000!).

Asia's Dragons will be launched as an ebook first in February 2009, after which I will take it offline and package it into a print book to be sold at bookstores islandwide as well as regionally.

Whether you are an experienced marketer looking to hone your skills, a newbie just learning the ropes or just someone looking to free yourself from the shackles of corporate life, there's something in this book for you.

Asia's Dragons profiles eight homegrown talents in Asia who rolled up their sleeves, burnt the midnight oil and took the giant step into the unknown to explore what the Internet can do for their business – and succeeded wildly! Meet marketing wonder, Ewen Chia who generated sales of US$80,000 in 72 hours in front of a 'live' audience! And, Eugene Ang, a corporate head honcho who left a comfortable six-figure salary to start at the bottom of the Internet foodchain...

More than just a compendium of biographies, Asia's Dragons aims to analyze the motivations and personality traits that characterise these entrepreneurs. It is bursting with valuable information and advice for current or aspiring online marketers.

Want to learn how to optimise your site for search engine placement? Or utilise blogs and social networking as part of your marketing mix? Or create a compelling online retail store? Most importantly, Asia's Dragons contains information about the mentoring programmes of these gurus which is the closest you can get to them guiding you step-by-step to your own Internet success!

By sharing my findings, I hope to show you that success lies within your own control and if this book helps you overcome your self-imposed limitations standing between your entrepreneurial dreams and their realisation, then I will have been fulfilled in my quest.