Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My sister, my inspiration!

Everyone need an inspiration - and it doesn't have to someone famous or a billionaire...

My younger sister is my inspiration. She was the one who handed me The 4-Hour Workweek which spurred me to write my first book, Boss of Me! If not for her, I would still be spending my time teaching private Pilates classes and writing freelance...which was a very good lifestyle but nothing as exciting as what I am doing now!

My second book, Sleep & Get Rich! was also triggered by her. At that time, she was taking an Internet marketing course and regaled me with stories about people making amazing passive income with their online businesses.

She was also the one who asked me to write a weight-loss book for post-pregnancy women. We worked on The Essential Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Guide (http://www.exercisepostpregnancy.com)together and subsequently created our own source of passive income.

And, when I had the idea to write a book about Internet marketing gurus in Asia, she fine-tuned my proposal and pointed me in the right direction.

All this while managing three successful online businesses (she was recently approached to franchise one of her business in Hong Kong!) and being the official "technical director" of our ebook.

Whenever we get together, we are constantly tossing ideas about and feeding our shared passion for Internet marketing. I always leave our sessions invigorated and hopeful.

You can follow her online progress at http://www.pamelinareviews.blogspot.com

Look for your own inspiration - it'll make your journey to success smoother...and way more fun!


Meg said...

I would think you're an inspiration to many others who have read your books and blog. You've motivated me to move another step in the direction of what I really want in life.

Cant wait to read ur next book 'Asia's Dragons'.

Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Meg!

People like you make my day and I'm really glad that I have helped (in however small way) you move closer to your goal :)

Good luck!