Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to go on more holidays

Just spoke to a friend of mine who told me that everybody he knows have tightened their purse strings and are getting ready for a tough year. And, the situation is said to get more dire after Chinese New Year as more layoffs are expected.

Well, you can either wallow in the depressing news and let it bring you down or...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Ask yourself - Do you want to be subject to retrenchments and pay cuts or are you going to take control of your own financial destiny?

I chose the latter, that's why, contrary to what most people are doing, I have actually cut back on my work, so that I can go on MORE holidays. My holiday schedule so far:

1. Shopping & sourcing trip to Hong Kong in April
2. Clubbing & eating trip to Japan in May
3. Charity trip to help Bali Dogs in August
4. Adventure trip to Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan in November

I am able to indulge myself because I have created PASSIVE INCOME. This is money that keeps on coming in, even when I am on holiday. Inspired by my interviewees in Sleep & Get Rich!, I created a weight-loss maternity ebook with my sister at, and we are doing pretty well.

All I need to do is carry out some simple online marketing to drive traffic to my website and ka-ching! Best part of it, all work can be pre-planned in advance or outsourced - enabling me to go on a holiday and return to see money in my bank! I am currently working on another ebook (see my post below on Asia's Dragons) that will provide even more passive income :)

To find out how you can create a lucrative passive income stream, check out my book, Sleep & Get Rich! (out in all major bookstores, except Borders).

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