Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy like a bee

How is it that I am working all day...and enjoying every single minute of it?

The website for my ebook is finally ready. WE'RE IN BUSINESS!
We will be launching our ebook, The Essential Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Guide through a private sale to a database of 20,000 pregnant women.

I've also been working to promote my book, Boss of Me! stealthily online via article submissions to relevant websites, business blogs, online magazines and newsletter contributions. Am also, in talks with trainers of entrepreneuralism to see how we can work together.

A chronic workaholic, I'm midway through my second book, which promises to deliver a swift kick to the butt and teach you how to make money while you sleep!
Goodbye rat race, hello financial freedom!

Next up, filming my Pilates DVD.

But before that, some well-deserved R&R (well, not exactly since my itinerary says ADVENTURE!) to Nepal and Bali ( here I come!).

After this year's crazy schedule, I might just take next year off to sit around and contemplate my belly button lint…that is, until the next AMAZING idea hits me square on my head.

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