Thursday, September 4, 2008

Die standing

I died standing today. Not literally but figuratively, of course.

I had a meeting with a top trainer and events organiser for entrepreneuralism to explore ways to promote my book, Boss of Me! I was ill-prepared, inexperienced (in the events department) and sorely lacking sleep. The result: I asked all the wrong questions (even asking the same question 3 x!) and had no concrete proposal.

Luckily, he was a very nice guy and offered advice. The amazing thing is, he still wants to work with me! So, we are jointly organising a Boss of Me! event. This will be a great branding and sales platform for my book.

Despite my terrible show, I walked away with valuable lessons from our short one hour discussion. Events is a totally new direction for me and I am part excited, part filled with trepidation. But, what the hell! I'll rather die standing than live the rest of my life on my knees!

Wish me luck :)


Kevin Mark said...

Congratulations best friend! i'm so gld to see how well your book is doing! maybe one day, you can come and promote your book here! Is Page one retailing it, I couldn't find, some people I've been talking to here wanna' check it out but I am not about to give my copy up! Miss you!

Boss Of Me! said...

Hey, thanks!
Yes, I heard from Judy that she received a mass email about my book from her lawyer friend. Tell them that it is available from
It should be retailing in HK, let me check with my publisher and let you know :)
Miss ya too and hope to see your new place soon.

Kevin Mark said...

Got it Mdm! I will pimp your book in HK!

Boss Of Me! said...

Hey Kev,

My publisher just told me that Page One HK will be carrying Boss of Me! soon. So, can tell your friends there :)