Friday, July 4, 2008

We're going on air!

Watch out for our interview on The Living Room on Radio938, Monday, 14th July at 10.30am.


1. Aldrin Quek
2. Chris Lee
3. Tjin Lee
4. and Yours truly

* Update: Main gist of my interview:

Q1. Why did you write Boss of Me!

A: BOM was born out of selfish reasons really. I've always been a big fan of biographies and realise that there are none on our local talents so I decided to round up 20 outstanding individuals in different fields and tell their amazing stories. I'm also a big believer of self-help. Some people may think of that as a dirty word but to me it simply means life long learning, and I want to write motivational books about business and philanthropy that will inspire people.

Q2. I notice that the word, "entrepreneur" has not been mentioned in your book. Is it because it is overused and why?

A: While most of my interviewees run their own businesses, there are a few that work for companies but in my view, they are still bosses of themselves as they are doing what they love and have emerged on top of their fields.

Q3. Was it difficult to shortlist 20 and how do you go about with your list?

A: It was difficult as there are many successful people I want to profile but due to time constraint, I went with 20. It was 18 at first but increased to 20 later. I wanted a wide variety of industries - from trendsetters to old school stalwarts and I just went for the first name that pops in my head when I think of the different industries.

Q4. Besides passion, what other traits do Boss of Me! individuals have?

A: I realised that successful people are very generous, not in the material sense but in terms of time and help. My interviewees willingly endorsed my book and referred their successful contacts to me, making it easier for me to approach them. They took time out of their busy schedules to meet up with me and share their life stories. Also, I learnt that luck is preparation combined with opportunity. Some people may think my interviewees lead blessed lives but not many of them are aware that beneath their success lies years of determination, hard work and grit.

Q5. What are your own secrets of success?

A: I follow the double T principle - have tunnel vision and a thick skin.

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