Friday, July 11, 2008

How to be a Boss of Me

There are certain traits and characteristics that stand out for Boss of Me individuals:

1. Restlessness - Job hopping and a general discontentment about making money for someone else.

2. Business-minded - You like to read about entrepreneurs and how much money they are making; you automatically calculate how much business companies are doing.

3. Risk-taker - You dabble in the stock market and are open to taking calculated risks. You are always looking for ways to leverage your capital.

4. Self- help - When you read, you are drawn to biographies about successful entrepreneurs, motivational business books and finance. You think that reading fiction is waste of brain cells.

5. Rally - If possible, you like to surround yourself with rich and successful people. Talking about business all day with them is a pleasure.

6. Thinking big - You are known for your lofty ideas and day dreams. You regale your friends and partners with your exciting business strategies.

7. Planner - On your desk are your goals for the week, month, year and the next five years. You have your life planned to the minute.

8. Walk the talk - You get things done. Sometimes, you are known to be impatient.

9. Fired up - Optimism and enthusiasm define you. The word "no" does not exist in your vocabulary.

10. Confident - You are brimming with self-belief and have complete and utter faith in your own capabilities. Naysayers be damned!

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