Monday, July 28, 2008

"Let me try again"

When I am not writing, I conduct Pilates classes for private clients and companies. I am particularly struck by the focus and persistence of one of my tai-tai clients. At 62 years old, she definitely can't hold a candle to my younger and nimble students, but her willpower can easily stump all of them.

Whenever she can't do a certain move, she will try and try again until she succeeds. Even when she is sweating and red in the face, she will always say, "Let me try again." Then, closing her eyes to focus, she will give it another shot. Sometimes, I stop her as I don't want her to be worn out. It is no wonder she runs a company with turnover in the hundreds of millions.

Having persistence and never giving up is one of the key factors to attaining your goals. Often people give up at the first "no". That is why they fail. We all get rejected sometimes, and we have to learn to shake it off and keep our eyes glued on the goal. There will be other ways to getting it if we keep an open mind and stay optimistic and flexible.

Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame) was rejected 1,008 times before a restaurant bought his secret chicken recipe. If grandpa can do it, so can you!


Hsiaoshuang said...

Dear Perlin,

I'm 56 but have no problem with my joints as I pedal, run barefoot long distance, etc. But several of my friends in their late-40s suffer painful knee joints and weak spines. Can Pilates exercise strengthen their joints and spines?

Thanks, Francis

Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Francis,

You are in good shape and very lucky. Pilates will be a great exercise for your friends with the described ailments. It is gentle and effective and will strengthen backs and joints with regular practice.