Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you for all your shout-outs!

Dear readers,

Thanks for sharing your kind words about Boss of Me!, for adding me on Facebook (especially Larry for advertising my book on your status to your 2000+ friends!) and for seeking my humble advice about writing a book. I hope I answered your queries in my posts below.

Keep them coming and my advice to all those who are thinking but not doing: If you wait until you have your entire plan figured out and buttoned up, the world will have moved on and passed you by. Sometimes, it's better to start then learn as you go along.

Case in point: Me. Ok, I am an exception as I develop tunnel vision when I have a goal and have a tendency to hurtle at breakneck speed towards it. But, if I had hesitated to weigh the odds, Boss of Me! may not have materialised.

So what if you failed? Every experience is a learning opportunity and I've had two major (and costly) setbacks before:

1. When I was 24. I founded a barter website called with a five-figure sum loaned from my dad. Timing was off and the dot com bubble burst. My investors pulled out and I lost my capital. Instead of moping around, I promptly got myself hired as a business development manager at CNET Asia, thanks in large to my eight months of start-up experience and valuable contacts gleaned from it. I was the youngest manager on board and my comfortable pay enabled me to pay my dad back (phew!). I regard this as my MBA crash course.

2. In my second year of teaching pilates, I was bored and had idle time, so decided to go into the financial services business. Very quickly, I learnt that I am not a sales person because I was not hungry enough. But, I stayed on for two years to learn all about investment and managing my own finances. When I left, I was adept enough to start and manage my own investment portfolio as well as my husband's.
Just do it!
* Please mention my book if you are adding me on Facebook as I usually ignore requests from strangers. Sorry if I have rejected you, please try again if you want :)

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