Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 Ways To Attract More Money

Sorry, I've been slack...

In between creating content for my anti aging website ( and trying laser treatments, I've also had a couple of birthday celebrations (I turned 33 yesterday!), so haven't had the time to write here.

Just to let you know, I will be focusing my energy on and starting a wellness blog soon, so will not be posting here as much.

Anyways, here's something I came across that resonated with me:

7 Ways To Attract More Money

1. Give money away: It sounds counter-intuitive, yet the more you give, the more you will receive (unless you block the receiving, which ties into
the next step). - I have to remember to do this more often

2. Get clear: You may push money away with hidden limiting beliefs, such as "money is bad"
or "rich people are evil." Those are beliefs, not facts. Get clear of them and money will come
to you.

3. Take action: Too many people sit and wait for money to materialize in front of them. You do
not have time to wait. Your role in the process of attracting money is to actually do something
to bring it your way. Act on your ideas right away. "Money likes speed" is my favorite mantra.
- No problem here!

4. Support a cause: You may push money away because you don't feel you deserve it. One way
around this (while you still work on getting clear inside yourself) is to want money for a larger purpose. - I support all animal charities

5. Be grateful: Gratitude sends off a signal of appreciation, which brings you more to be
thankful for. Show gratitude for anything in this moment that you can be sincerely grateful
for. Be thankful for everything. - Have to remember this as well...

6. Do what you love: There's no sense in working at something you hate. If you are currently at a job you don't like, find a way to enjoy it for the time being as you work toward finding your
passion. Following your passion is the greatest secret of all when it comes to attracting wealth.
- Oh yeah! This is my life's mantra!

And most importantly...
7. Get support: One of the wisest things you can do to achieve any goal is to get support.
- I've realised the importance of this. I used to think that I can do everything myself but not anymore, that is why I have an SEO expert and Internet guru as my mentor for my new anti aging website and the results are pretty good. As of last count, I've had over 400 unique visitors and over 300 pageviews daily since going "live" last Wed :)


is cash gifting legal said...

Pearlin, These are clear and consice tips to attract wealth and success. Thanks for sharing :) Ryan

Boss Of Me! said...

You're welcome, Ryan & thanks for your comment :)