Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Having my cake & eating it too!

Me with glowing skin after my laser

I've been having the best of both worlds - making money and looking younger at the same time!
This is all thanks to my latest baby - an anti aging website called Review Anti Aging.

Check it out here:

This baby has been keeping me busy with interviews with doctors as well as trying out the latest anti aging treatments...and what a treat it has been! I am now the proud owner of radiant, flawless skin, and my friends and family have been partaking in the treats too. My mum now looks years younger thanks to an amazing laser peel.

You can read the review here:

I've been deluged by doctors who want to be featured on Review Anti Aging. And, why not?

Here are some benefits of being profiled in ReviewAntiAging.com:

1. Aesthetics is a very competitive industry and it can be expensive to advertise in the media or on Google.
2. In Google, only the top 3 websites ranked on the organic search (left side) and paid search(right side) get attention. It is not easy and an expensive affair to be ranked in the top 3.
3. Using search engine optimization techniques (SEO), I will get ReviewAntiAging.com ranked in the top 3 in the organic search in 6 months.
4. By being featured, you will get top ranking for a minimal cost (up to 80% less than mass media cost) and readers will also geta 3rd party review of the services - which will be unbiased and hence considered to be more trustworthy than a clinic's website write-up.

As usual, I always find something that I enjoy thoroughly to do. I'm especially passionate about Review Anti Aging as I understand that there's only so much that Mother Nature can help me and I am on a mission to maintain my looks - in the most effective and natural way, of course!

Join me on my quest: http://www.reviewantiaging.com/

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