Friday, May 1, 2009

Tap Tap Tap...

Do you know that you can achieve all that you want with some simple tapping?

I've been trying out EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. According to experts, we can't get what we want no matter how strong our intentions are if our body's energy is blocked by limiting beliefs. EFT teaches you how to get rid of obstacles in your way by tapping meridian points on your body.

Well, the results have been pretty cool - I received an interested buyer for one of my websites, money manifested out of nowhere and exciting business opportunities presented themselves. And, I am expecting MUCH, MUCH MORE!

I'm also awakening to issues that I never knew existed which can be pretty bizarre. Most importantly, I've been feeling very peaceful, grateful and connected. I highly recommend that you give EFT a shot if you want to live a fulfilled life.

Personally, I like Brad Yate's techniques, you can check him out on Youtube. Or here:

Tap, tap, tapping away....

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