Monday, May 4, 2009

How to develop unstoppable motivation

Abstracts don't have emotional power. Specifics do. Get as specific as you can, with as many things as you can. You get a more realistic look at what they mean and what it would take to deal with them.

What would you do with the money? What would it mean to you? Maybe you'd be able to travel, and see places you've always wanted to see? Maybe you'd drive a safer (or fancier) car, or move your family to a better neighborhood, where they can enjoy more of life's comforts.

Maybe you'd give your spouse more of the things they want, or you'd have a more active social life for yourself.

What would you be more secure from? Uncertain job markets? Rising prices affecting your standard of living? Being locked into a situation that could change in ways you don't like and can't control?

What would you do with that free time? Spend it with your kids or your spouse or friends? It's impossible to visualize freedom. It's easy to visualize spending a Saturday afternoon on the golf course with your buddies, or a week in a favorite vacation spot with your family.

What about those things is important to you?

Would you take up a hobby you've always wanted, or spend more time with one you enjoy now? What pain would go away when you're successful? Struggling with bills? Sending your kids to schools that aren't preparing them for the kind of life they deserve? Having to say no to things your family wants? The stress and aggravation of a job that you hate, or that just bores you silly?

Again, you want to maximize the emotional significance of the pleasant things you'll gain and the unpleasant things you'll lose by achieving your goal.

If you've tipped the balance toward taking action, you'll know it. Any time you feel discouraged or start to slow down, run through all of those things in your mind. In fairly short order, you should find that minor discouragements don't even register, and bigger ones have much less impact. That's how you develop unstoppable motivation.

As you start to see more and more success, the positive things will become stronger on their own, and the negative things will fade without you needing to think about them. At that point, you've got the momentum you need to virtually guarantee that you'll get where you want to be, and get there in grand style.

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