Friday, July 31, 2009

Secrets Of Asia's Most Successful Internet Gurus!

Do you want to:

- Be financially free

- Have all the money you want

- Know how to make money any time you want aka Money-On-Demand

- Not have to go to work again – imagine your boss' face when you tell him that you QUIT

- Be able to buy anything you want and not care what the price tag says

- Go wherever you want for a holiday, whenever you want

- Be able to spend thousands of dollars to help charities

- Have all the free time you want

- Get richer and richer every day

Then, this book is for you! Available now in all bookstores and



eddie lee said...

Waste of money. I rate this negative (0-10). Rip off. Unless you want to read ads. This entire book is one advertisement after another. They dont reveal any secrets. You channels you to their personal sites to buy their courses. Lousy lousy lousy lousy. I threw away this book. First in my entire history I threw away a book. I didnt even donate it to the library that is how bad this ad book is. Shame shame shame

eddie lee said...

This book was so bad and such a con, I had to comment. Normally I couldn't be bothered. Felt so ripped off! Should have browsed the book first, I would have quickly realized this was a con job book helping them to sell services. NO SECRETS ARE REVEALED. save your money. Waste of time.

Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Eddie,

Sorry to hear about your negative feedback. Always welcome feedback - positive or otherwise. Do leave your contact behind so that I can send you a soft copy of one of my recent bestselling book.