Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FOCUS - How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?

You know what this is.

You've been there.

But you may not have the words you need to repeat the process on demand.

Hopefully, this will provide you those words:

Focus is wanting something so bad that you measure every action against the answer to one question:

"Does this move me closer to what I want, faster than whatever else I could be doing?"

Focus is the thing that separates the successes from the almosts.

It's sometimes the hardest thing to get and keep. And it's as easy as knowing what you really want and gauging your actions based on the answers to that one simple question.

Please re-read it. Think about it.

Tape that question over your monitor.

Then do something with it. Right now.

Focus is also the secret to Making Money Online!

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