Monday, March 9, 2009

Make money in pyjamas!

I made a 4-figure sum last week sitting at home in my pyjamas.

It was from the prelaunch of my new ebook, Asia’s Dragons and I was very fortunate to be guided by Internet guru, Fabian Lim. As CEO of World Internet Academy (where I am also a member), he organized a webinar about Product Creation and invited me to present Asia’s Dragons as a guest.

This provided very good exposure for me and listeners also got to learn valuable product creation tips.

After the webinar, he sent out a promotional email with an irresistible offer for WIA members to purchase Asia’s Dragons as well as be affiliates (or resellers of my ebook).

We did this all without stepping out of house (I was sitting at home in my pyjamas and he is on holiday in Canada)!

Do YOU also want to make money in your pyjamas?

Then go here:

*On another note, another Internet guru, Ewen Chia, brought his new print book, How I Made My Millions On The Internet to #1 on Amazon with a carefully-orchestrated email campaign (he probably also did this sitting at home in his pyjamas!).

Isn’t that amazing? I HEART Internet marketing!

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