Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gratitude – for a successful life

When was the last time you were grateful for what you have?

Or have you been too busy lamenting what you don’t have?

I understand that it is difficult to remember something so simple especially when you face setback after setback.

Just like you, I needed reminding…

I am an eternal optimist and always expect the best out of every situation. Sometimes, success takes a little longer and requires more effort on my part.

When I launched my ebook, Asia’s Dragons, I expected the world but it didn’t turn out that way. Sales are good but not what I imagined, and working with the gurus took longer than I expected.
Instead of letting disappointment get to me, I chose to focus on the positive. I am grateful because:

- I got to work with 8 Internet gurus for my first project.
- Sales are good (I have made back all my investment & more!)
- I have 2 more marketing campaigns coming up that will rake in more cash.
- I have managed to recruit several affiliates (resellers) who will be selling my ebook for me.

As soon as I changed my mindset, wonderful things started happening…

First, my friend from the US emailed me out of the blue and placed an order for my second book, Sleep & Get Rich. He also expressed interest in reselling Asia’s Dragons on his website.

Then, another friend who runs a PR agency offered to do a media campaign for the print version of Asia’s Dragons for pittance.

Wow! I feel so blessed. Thank you Universe :)

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