Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog your way to the bank

For people who are still thinking that you need a job to survive in this world and that blogging is not a serious industry, think again!

Blogs are now the power centre of the web. Advertisers want bloggers’ traffic more than any other kind of traffic on the web today.


Because this traffic is living, breathing, devoted people who listen to what bloggers say. There isn’t any other kind of traffic available on the web that is as high-quality or high-converting as blog traffic.

Blogs are visited more than search engines and all the social sites put together (an eMarketer study showed 54% of all the web’s traffic hits blogs.) Car companies give bloggers cars just so they’ll talk about them on their blogs. eMarketer predicts that companies will be throwing over $700 million at bloggers by 2012.

Bloggers control the eyeballs and wallets of their readers. They are the most powerful group on the web today…the entire web. Not just a niche.

My friend, Alvin Phang aka Atomic Blogger, has put together a video that explains how it works. He got his blog ranked in the top 5,000 in the WORLD, so he knows what he is talking about.

Check it out here:





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