Saturday, February 28, 2009

One-click to boost your income

How would you like to send one email and make $3,000 or more?

That's what I've been busy with the last 2 days. I'm attending an Income-Booster workshop conducted by Jaz Lai, an Internet marketer who is known in the industry as an email conversion and list-building expert.

What I've learnt so far:
1. How to drive massive traffic for FREE to your website.
2. How to capture the emails of these people legally.
3. How to write emails that will convert these subscribers to buyers.
4. How to automate the whole process....and VOILA!

Your very own ATM.

It's been a very interesting and informative 2 days and tomorrow, I get to learn how to bend a metal spoon with my mind. YAY, been looking forward to that :)

Let's see if I can try to share that trick online with you guys...

*Update: I did it! Check out my twisted metal spoon below!

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