Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The formula to becoming a millionaire (w/o selling your soul!)

Step 1: Stop loving money. Learn to cherish what is truly important and utterly irreplaceable, and the money will come to you.

Step 2: Realise money is just an idea. It is a mere idea in a boundless world of ideas and sometimes, it takes just one small idea to generate boundless wealth.

Step 3: Focus your desire. Call it what you will, but this is the power that gives you the strength and focus you need to create your extraordinary life.

Step 4: Imagine and feel the possibilities. Nothing can come into being without first being imagined.

Step 5: Believe at a bold new level. Learn to believe in a brave new way – and at a level so powerful and so compelling, that what you believe becomes reality.

Step 6: Exchange value on a large scale. Take your gift and share it with the world and the world, in return, will give you wealth, happiness and freedom.

Step 7: Take action. To make it real, you have to act, but if you've laid the groundwork, your action will feel effortless.

The result: Your windowless office becomes part of your past. Money is flowing into your life – more money than you've ever had before. You're providing value to the world and the world is giving you dazzling gifts in return. Life is good!

*excerpt from Secrets Of The Millionaire Inside

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