Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Find your Gibraltar

I know there have been quite a few success stories of people who have overcome insurmountable odds to succeed, but personally, I find that success is easier if your emotional life is sorted out.

My husband is my rock, my Gibraltar. He has supported me throughout all my business ventures, standing behind me stoically while I run amok in all directions, with his arms wide open ready to catch me if I stumble.

My work has been my excuse to engage in the spousal abuse of neglect. My husband is exceptional at letting me go as I become temporarily insular, focusing almost solely on my work. And, when I do engage him, all I can talk about is my work, and he has never once complained of being bored.

Just this week, I ran into technical glitches building my first website and spent hours wringing my hands and cursing my laptop. He drove me all the way to my sister's place in the middle of the night and waited patiently for three hours while I sorted it out...all this when he's not even feeling well!

After working hard, it's also nice to have a go-to-person for daily hugs and kisses, and I count my blessings everyday for having him in my life :)

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