Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He made US$900,000 in one month on eBay!

Looking at his laidback manner, it’s hard to tell that Benjamin Marc Wee is a multi-millionaire with his fingers in several lucrative online businesses. “My entrepreneurial spirit started in school. I was studying at UC Berkeley and tuition fees were not cheap. To pay for them, I had to find ways to make money,” recalls the 36-year-old. At his university, students were required to clear their rooms after every term, so many of them threw their books out. Seeing a money-making opportunity, Benjamin bought all the old textbooks with his credit card and re-sold them to new students. He continued to do this for several terms, eventually doing so well that his business was bought out by a second-hand bookstore for US$200,000. Motivated, he continued to buy and sell; this time, gathering all the ‘junk’ dumped outside the student dormitories. “The school would hire a company to clear the stuff so I offered to do it for free. I hired Mexicans and carted all the goods, ranging from old computers to clothes, to eBay’s headquarters which was five minutes away. Then I sold them all online.”
When he returned to Singapore after graduating, friends and relatives were skeptical when he told them about his eBay business. “They told me to get a life!” Benjamin listened to them and got a job as a reporter at Reuters, writing energy reports. Then tragedy struck. His girlfriend back then had a miscarriage and passed away. Devastated, Benjamin stopped going to work and was fired. He was also evicted out of his apartment as he could not pay the rent. He moved in with his friend and after a few months of moping around, he decided that he could not continue living like this and he turned to what he knew best to make a living – eBay.
Leveraging on his creativity and skill, Benjamin designed websites selling digital products and sold ready-made web stores on eBay. They were a hit, and he sold 10 websites a month at US$3,000 to US$4,000 each.
A holiday in Japan changed his life and gave him the inspiration that netted him US$900,000 in one month on eBay! Find out what it is in Sleep & Get Rich! out end December in all major bookstores (except Borders) and Amazon.com


Roger Loh said...

Good job for putting this awesome book together, Pearlin!

I'm sure it will open up a lot of people's mindset especially in these days of financial turmoil where making a living through just a job alone is insanity...

I can't wait to devour this masterpiece of yours.

Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Roger,

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement! It really means a lot.
I hope this book helps people overcome their self-imposed limitations standing between them and their entrepreneurial dreams.

Pat Lau said...

i like your blog... this post gives me motivation.

Boss Of Me! said...

Thanks Pat, glad to have inspired you :)