Friday, December 26, 2008

10 ways to recession-proof yourself

Sleep & Get Rich! Out now in all major bookstores (except Borders)


Did you know that you could earn thousands of dollars in a day? Did you know you could do so without leaving home?

Sleep & Get Rich! offers valuable money-making lessons from inspiring people who have mastered a balanced work/family lifestyle by working passively.

This strategy-packed guide will reveal powerful but simple methods for striking it rich. Exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs prove how easy it is to get started and build a lucrative enterprise. The techniques you will discover in this book are realistic and everyone can take the step towards making passive income. Just one or two of these strategies will add significant dollars to your monthly income. In no time at all, they will put you in a position of financial security that will totally transform your life!

The people you will meet in this book are ordinary people — from housewives to IT enthusiasts, who are making tonnes of money while they sleep. Their real-life advice will give you a complete step-by-step blueprint for breaking through the obstacles that hold you back from living the life you want!

Find out how a full-time mum turned her e-book into a passive income stream that gives her five-figures, auto-pilot! Learn how one man overcame adversity to make his millions on eBay and be mentored by a successful investor on the tricks to getting a high ROI (return on investment) on your money.

So many people are profiting right now from passive income streams and so can you!


1. Stock Market Genius — Keane Lee, T3B System
2. eBay Millionaire — Benjamin Marc Wee
3. Insurance Hotshot — Merry Riana, Merry Riana Organisation
4. Innovative Inventor — Dr Ting Meng Choon, HealthSTATS
5. Digital Media Maven — Virpi Tervonen, Golden Publishing House
6. Best-selling Author — Catherine Lim
7. Angel Investor — Landy Eng,
8. Internet Marketing Guru — Larry Lim, Marketing Sphere
9. Real Estate Magnate — Mohamed Ismail Gafoor, Propnex
10. Network Marketing Expert — Dora Hoan, Best World International

After having authored her best-selling first book, Boss of Me!, Pearlin carved a lucrative passive income pie for herself by publishing, together with her sister, an e-book on post-pregnancy diet and fitness — concrete evidence that Sleep & Get Rich! offers a blueprint for success!

A former journalist at Singapore Press Holdings upon graduation, she had a brief foray as a technologist — as the founder of an online barter site in 2000 and as a business development manager for CNET Networks Asia. Craving freedom and recognising that there is more to life, she took a corporate hiatus and enrolled in a pilates course to feed her soul. When not hanging around inspiring people or travelling, Pearlin spends her time giving private pilates classes and dreaming up more million-making ideas.


Praise for Sleep and Get Rich!

“This book offers more than just inspiration fuel but also a compass for others to follow and tactics that you can put into action now.”

Brian Schwartz
Author of 50 Interviews

“This book is fabulous to read, easy to read and a must-read! It is the only book in Singapore that has condensed the success principles and belief systems adopted by the top 10 passive income earners. It will definitely open your mind to create multiple streams of passive income, whoever you are and whatever occupation you are in.”

Cayden Chang Kheng Mong
Master NLP Trainer, Director & Founder
Mind Kinesis Management International LLP

“Pearlin has written a book that espouses the old-fashioned virtues of knowledge and hard work.”

Barry Jones
Principal, Maroon Ventures

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