Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Excuse my lack of posts but I am preparing for my trip to Nepal this Friday. This will be the first time I am "roughing" it out...I'm usually more of a Banyan Tree Resort kinda gal than an "overnight in jungle" sort. But, I am looking forward to the challenge, and with my two other crazy girlfriends, I forsee it to be a riot. Still not sure how I can handle doing my business in the wilderness though...

I'll be back on the 16th and will have lots of exciting news to update on my work and from my trawls around the Net. In a way, I am looking forward to the technology fast and connecting with nature again.

Try not to miss me too much ;p

P.S. I will be giving a talk at the Popular BookFest at Suntec on 18 November at 5pm (Hall 601 to 603), so if you are around the area, drop by and say hi!

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