Monday, November 24, 2008

If she can succeed, so can you!

I've just finished reading Click Here To Order, a book about Internet marketing pioneers and one particular story wowed me.

Ladan Lashkari is a 20-year-old Iranian woman who has had to overcome some extreme obstacles on her brief but challenging journey to Internet marketing success.

If Internet marketing was a wrestling match, Ladan started the competition with both hands, feet and eyes bound. These are some of her obstacles:

- She lives in Iran where religious and political issues make it difficult for women to work.
- English is not her first language.
- She can't travel.
- Discrimination against her nationality.
- Discouragement from friends and family.
- Because of the US Embargo, she couldn't get a credit card, open a Paypal account, get a merchant account, have a bank account in US dollars, accept wire transfers or cash any USD checks - making it almost impossible for her to sell anything online!

Yet, she has surpassed all odds and now makes more money than 95% of the people in her country with her various websites. She attributes her success to her father's faith in her as well as her unwavering belief in herself and sheer, hard work.

She says, " If a young girl who got started when she was 16 years old, with no previous business experience, with English being her second language, with less than $30 to her name, in a country where you can't have a credit card or Paypal account and is under a strict embargo from United States, and so many limitations...if such a girl can succeed, how is it possible that you can't succeed - when you may not even have one of these limitations?"

For more information on Ladan. go to http://www/


Caleb said...

This is the good thing about studying the success of others. They really don't have so much much of a big advantage over you, they simply kept pushing.

Whatever someone can do, you CAN DO!

Boss Of Me! said...

well said, Caleb!

Leon C said...


Boss Of Me! said...

isn't she? very inspirational!