Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get your own autobiography!

Want to document your illustrious career?

Keen to leave behind a legacy?

Now you can, with my new boutique book writing service – Unravel.

This idea was mooted by a few of my interviewees when I was doing research for my books, Boss of Me! and Sleep & Get Rich!. Many of these successful people wanted to share their life story with others and inspire employees with their thoughts and beliefs, in short, they wanted an autobiography written but lacked the time and skills to do so. They asked if I was keen to do it for them. My focus back then was on my books, so I said, ‘Sure!”, but shelved the idea to the back of my head.

Well, now that my book is done and I am free again, I am raring to get started on this new project. Thanks also to Tim, my book-writing compatriot who opened my mind to a new perspective and enabled me to see a lucrative business in books.

Writing books is an addiction, think I heard this from Dan Poynter, a famous author with over 100 books, and I understand where he is coming from now…

Unravel will give you the chance to immortalize your achievements for posterity, and I know everybody wants to leave behind a little legacy.

Here’s how it works:

- My writing service includes three meetings. The first will be an interview and information gathering, this will be followed by confirmation of topics and the final meeting will be a review of book contents. I will help you structure the message and layout the book contents.

- Timeline will be three months.

- Book can be between 50 to 100 pages long and costs will be discussed when we meet.

Additional services:

- I offer consultancy for cost-effective design, printing and distribution. All this additional costs will be borne by you, the client.


- You get to tell your life story and be commemorated!

- Your book will be distributed in bookstores and will inspire readers as well as open new business opportunities.

- You can distribute within your company to motivate employees with your autobiography.

- Your book will be written by me, a national-bestselling author and ex-ST reporter.

Unravel – it’s time to immortalize yourself! Drop me an email at if you’d like to get your autobiography.

About my book, Boss of Me!:

The people you will meet in this book pursued their dream jobs with a dynamic combination of bravery, support from family and friends, and lots of drive and determination. What these achievers have done can be repeated in many different fields and you too can transform your passion into something gratifying and profitable. Their incredible stories and real-life advice will help you think big and get started on the path to the right job, right now.

Motivating and inspirational, this is a pocketbook of big thinking and serves as an unconventional career guide for people who are wide awake to the power of right thought!

1. Aldrin Quek — Dance Music Ambassador
2. Geoff Ang — Fashion-forward Lens Man
3. Lincoln Cheng — Nightlife Maven
4. Alvin Giam — Pilates Healer
5. Ling Hao — Edgy House Builder
6. Wee Kok Wah — Business Mogul
7. Cynthia Chua — Marketing Genius
8. Louis Ng — Animal Renegade
9. Chris Lee — Creative Cowboy
10. Dr Georgia Lee — Aesthetics Glamazon
11. Chua Shenzi — Youth Trend-setter
12. Kathryn Yap — High-flying Headhunter
13. Dr Lisa Ng — Life-saving Scientist
14. Daniel Tay — Baking Maverick
15. Lee Wai Leng — Acclaimed Artist
16. Ban Yinh Jheow — Millionaire Toymaker
17. Tjin Lee — Events Extraordinaire
18. Indranee Rajah — Superwoman Lawmaker
19. Wendy Leong — Captain of the Sky
20. Royston Tan — Bad Boy Film Maker


Pearlin Siow cut her teeth as a journalist at Singapore Press Holdings upon graduation. Bitten by the dot com boom in 2000, she left to found an online barter site but was lured back to the corporate world by the prospect of travelling for work as a business development manager for CNET Asia.

Currently a pilates instructor, Pearlin has also gone back to her first love — writing, spinning out words for local publications like Her World, Shape and Maxim, as well as foreign newspapers like the Saudi Gazette in Saudi Arabia.

Praise for Boss of Me!

"Pearlin has produced a highly readable book in a remarkably short time. Her subjects are fascinating and inspiring, and will undoubtedly spur many Singaporeans into outdoing themselves! "

Peter Ong
Managing Director, Checkout Australia Pty Ltd

"This easy-to-read book is full of powerful wisdom of success from real, ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary results in their career and life…Take heed of the words of wisdom and you shall find true success in whatever you desire. "

Timothy Chan
Founder of Certified Consultants Network


Liz Mannette said...

Unravel sounds like a great idea. I've met many successful people who should definitely document how they got to where they are. I wish you all the best.
I did an inspirational self-help book after much introspection, but I see an autobiography in my future.
All the best in what you do. I love reading your blog.

author, Create Your Garden of Eden: Change Your World in 7 Days Like God did (
jewelry designer,

Boss Of Me! said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Really appreciate it :)